The Honda Activa sets a new standard for a new era of scooters in India. As the name aptly suggests, with its unique features and sleek and sporty looks, the Honda Activa personifies activity, youthfulness and enthusiasm. The Honda Activa has been developed exclusively for the Indian market by closely examining the way scooters are used in the country and applying the know-how accumulated through 15 years of doing business in India. The Honda Activa is equipped with a number of new functions and mechanisms, introduced for the first time in India. It is designed to offer greater functionality, performance, economy and ease of handling and maintenance to a wide cross-section of the Indian society. So if you wish to own a scooter which is easy to handle and can be shared among family members, the Honda Activa is just right for you. The Honda Activa is especially designed to meet the needs of new Indian families. Powered by a 4-stroke engine, it has a steel body that enables full utilization of the existing service infrastructure. It offers user-friendly utilities like a helmet box, a flat footboard and ample ground clearance. Honda Activa combines the latest in Honda Technology with the ultimate in style. Designed to make heads turn, the Honda Activa will win the hearts of the customers besides fulfilling their basic requirements of fuel efficiency and low maintenance. Honda has requirments of fuel efficiency and low maintenance. Honda has gone into every detail, every aspect, to creat the perfect 2-wheeler. A scooter that has high ground clearance, more luggage space, maximum comfort and riding convenience, practical innovations .. just about everything you always wanted all in one world class scooter.